Random Quiz 3; MCQ Quiz on Economics

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Welcome to your Random Quiz 3; MCQ Quiz on Economics. I am your host, Alok Aditya. Attempt these MCQ type questions to view your score.

If utility function is U(X,Y) = X^1/2 + Y and price is Px and Py and income M, the optimal consumption bundle of the consumer includes

A rise in Tobin's q ratio is supposed to lead to rise in

The real balance of Piogu effect relates to the effect of a fall in the price level on

Let a consumer's preference relation satisfy

(i) local non-satiation
(ii) Strict monotonicity
Which of the following is true

Which of the following is not a component of capital account of the balance of payments?

For what value of x is the following matrix invertible?

random quiz 3

Under the Bretton Woods system

Suppose x is a positive real number. Let y be two-third of 60% of x and let z be 40% of x. Which of the following statement is true?

Let log(x) represents the natural logarithm of x. Now, let f(x) = a^x where a is a positive constant. Then, the derivative of f(x) w.r.t. x is

In a frequency distribution, what percent of the total number of observations lies between the first and third quartiles?

Who gave 5 stages of demographic transition of population?

In the IS-LM model, crowding out effect will not happen if

Among 25 articles, 9 are defective, 6 having minor defects and 3 having major effects. What is probability of a article selected randomly has major defects given that it has defects.

Who gave vent for surplus theory of international trade?

What is the shape of expenditure curve of Wagner's Law of increasing state activities?

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