About Us

Easily Economics is an interactive online platform to provide quality content and assist aspiring students and academicians in publishing their writings on economics and other related areas. It serves as a library as well as a platform to publish thoughts, opinions, and study materials. As a library, we provide quality content to the students and academicians which enables them to access the subject material freely. We also provide fair and equal opportunity to all authors worldwide to publish their writings.

Who we are?

Easily Economics was founded on 18 July 2020 by Alok Aditya. The financial aid to establish the website was provided by Kailash Kumar.

Alok Aditya
Alok Aditya, Junior Research Fellow at Centre for Economic Studies and Policy, Institute for Social and Economic Change

A group of students of Masters of Arts in Economics from the Central University of South Bihar started writing for the website and now we have authors across the globe.

Our authors are experts in their fields and write original, credible, and authentic content for the website. We are passionate about research and writing and always provide you with fresh content to read.

Why Easily Economics?

Currently, we provide opportunities to publish content on two related platforms.

Our main website spread knowledge, information and expert opinions on the latest and most significant economic and other related issues as well as the subject matter of economics.

easily economics

We also have a news corner where we provide daily economic news brief collected from different credible sources, short news articles, and full-text news articles on economics, energy, political economy, and related areas.

the economic brief

Published articles and blogs on this website follow our website’s content guidelines to ensure positive and non-offensive content to the authors as well as readers.