Public Finance Quiz 1; MCQ quiz for economics

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Welcome to your Public Finance Quiz 1; MCQ quiz for economics. I am your host, Alok Aditya. Attempt these MCQ type questions to view your score.

Suppose a two goods (public and private) and many person economy, The optimal revenue allocation in such economy will be at

"Public finance deals with expenditure and income authorities of the states and their mutual relation and also with the financial administration and control." This definition is given by

The provision of public goods and services is termed as

Which one of the following is not a capital receipt in government budget?

The public sector net cash requirement (PSNCR) is

All else constant, federal budget surpluses allow decrease in the

Elasticity of demand and supply are -4 and 2 respectively. An increase in specific tax by 30 rupees per unit will increase the price for consumer by

Which one of the following is concerned with principle of maximum social advantage


Which of the following cannons of public expenditure states that " other things being equal, public expenditure should bring with it important social advantages such as increased production and reduction of inequalities of income"?

Which of the following is not a direct tax?

Which one of the following is not a tax sacrifice principle?

If external debt of a country rises faster than its interest obligations, it is a case of

If G is government spending, T is tax revenue, B is national debt and MB is monetary base. Then if G - T <0

Refinancing debt that comes due is known as

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