Economics; its diversity and opportunity

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Economics is something that starts with the birth of a living being in the form of autonomous consumption and continues with the dilemma of the efficient utilisation of scarce resources and fulfilment of unlimited wants. It is related to the individual as well as the whole world. When an individual approach towards the market with his/her choice and behaviour, he/she should be ready to face the options and patterns of the world market. Economics is a source that guides about those options and patterns. Its knowledge helps to make decisions that are feasible and efficient. The basic knowledge of economics is vital for the growth of a common man, capitalist, investor, government or any organisation. It is important for sustainable growth.

Economics as a subject has exciting growth opportunities and prospects. The career options for economics graduates include banker, data analyst, economic researcher, academician, financial consultant, policymaker and much more. In the era of globalisation and developing nature of the Indian economy, the demand for an economist at different places like business organisations, stock market, government policy-making organisations and international organisations are increasing. So pursuing economics as a career is a sound decision.

The nature of economics is diverse as it includes production, consumption, market, finance and environment. Hence it has vast opportunity for the growth of individual and country as a whole.


Juhi Singh

Department of Economic Studies and Policy

Central University of South Bihar

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